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企业为集团“一体两翼”产业布局的重要支柱,是创新清洁能源产业发展方式,搭建资源整合平台的突破性尝试。企业注册资本5.5亿元,运用高效的发展模式和全新的平台理念,凭借先进的生产工艺技术和丰富的建设运营经验,在燃料资源富足区域新建或并购生物质发电项目,在确保良好投资收益的前提下快速扩大规模。现建成有菏泽华星生物电力项目,在建有菏泽华星二期工程、菏泽萄京华成生物电力项目。同时,企业与青岛平度、菏泽东明签订了意向合作协议。    下一步,企业将在生物质发电项目的基础上,积极延伸产业链,坚持横向多元化,向光伏发电、垃圾发电等太阳能、生物质能发电项目拓展,纵向精深化,创新原料收集、沼渣利用等上下游经营模式,打造循环经济产业链,实现生物质能的综合利用和可持续发展。

Luhua Jieneng Limited Company

Luhua Jieneng Limited Company is the important pillar of “One body with two wings” industrial distribution of Luhua Group, the innovation of development pattern of clean energy industry, and the breakthrough of construction of resource integration platform. The company, with registered capital of RMB550 million, has established or merged and acquired biomass generation power projects in the area of abundant fuel resources by applying efficient development pattern and brand-new platform idea and adopting advanced production technology and rich construction and operation experience, and has realized rapid expansion of business scales under the premise of ensuring favorable return on investment. As a result, the company has established Heze Huaxing Biological Power Project, besides, the Phase II of Heze Huaxing Project and Heze Luhua Huacheng Biological Power Project is under construction. In the meantime, the company has signed cooperation intention agreement with Qingdao Pingdu and Heze Dongming.

Next, the company will, based on the biomass power generation project, actively extend the industry chain, stick to realize horizontal development and diversification through expansion to solar energy and biomass power generation projects such as photovoltaic generation and waste-to-power project, adhere to realize longitudinal development in a profound way through innovation of upstream and downstream business pattern of raw material collection and biogas residue utilization, etc., and create industry chain of circular economy, so as to realize integrated utilization and sustainable development of biomass power.



企业位于菏泽市高新技术产业开发区,总占地147亩,建有一台 1×130t/h 高温高压循环流化床锅炉,配1×30MW高温高压抽汽凝汽式汽轮发电机组。企业于2016年正式并网发电,是集团首个投入运营的生物质发电项目,预计年发电量1.95KWh,年可供热量30GJ。企业拥有先进的经营管理理念,现代化的电力生产设施设备,国内领先的生产工艺和技术,齐全的检测条件及完整的质量保证体系。企业二期工程拟建设与项目一期同等规模的发电机组,预计于2018年建成投产,投产后企业总发电量将达4亿度,年可节约标准煤 20多万吨,减排二氧化碳40多万吨,每年可消化农作物秸秆40多万吨。

Heze Huaxing Biological Power Co., Ltd.

Heze Huaxing Biological Power Co., Ltd. is located in High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Heze City, covering a total area of 147mu (about 98,049m2). The company is equipped with a set of 1×130t/h HTHP circulating fluidized bed boiler and 1×30MW HTHP extraction condensing turbo generator sets. In 2016, the company was officially grid-connected, which was the first biomass power generation project put into operation with expected annual energy output of 1.95kWh and annual available heat of 300,000GJ. Presently, the company owns advanced operation and management concept, modern power generation facilities and equipment, advanced manufacturing technique and skills in China, complete detecting condition and QAS. The planned construction of generator unit of Phase II project shares the same scale as that of the Phase I project, which is expected to be constructed and put into operation in 2018, after which the gross generation of the company will reach 400,000,000 kWh. As a result, 200,000 tons of standard coal will be saved, 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide will be reduced, and over 400,000 tons of crop straw will be utilized.



企业位于菏泽市成武县,致力于周边区域生物质能源热电联产项目投资开发及运营管理。企业总占地约134亩,建设规模为1×130th秸秆直燃循环流化床锅炉,配 1×30MW抽凝式汽轮发电机组。企业项目于201611月正式开工建设,计划于2017年底投产。项目投产后,预计年发电量1.95亿KWh,年可供热量约30GJ。项目建成后每年可消化农作物秸秆20多万吨,用于发电的农林废弃物燃烧成为灰渣后,作为土壤调理剂的原料生产生态有机肥、土壤修复剂和土地改良剂,实现综合利用,形成生物质电、热、肥料循环经济产业链。

Heze Luhua Huacheng Biological Power Co., Ltd.

      The company is located in Chengwu County, Heze City, covering a total area of 134mu (about 89,378m2), which aims to the investment and development and operation and management of combined biomass energy heat and power generation project. The company will be equipped with 1×130th straw direct-fired circulating fluidized bed boiler and 1×30MW extraction condensing turbo generator sets. The construction of the project was started in November 2016, and is expected to be completed and put into operation in the end of 2017 with annual energy output of 195,000,000kWh and annual available heat of 300,000GJ. After the completion of the project, over 200,000 tons of crop straw will be utilized annually. And the ash as a result of combustion of the agricultural and forestry waste used for power generation shall be used for production of ecological organic fertilizer, soil repair agent and soil improver as the raw material of soil conditioner, so as to realize the comprehensive utilization and form industrial chain of circular economy with integration of the biomass, electricity and heat.

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