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山东萄京龙心生物科技股份有限企业(简称:萄京生物 股票代码:838875


Shandong Luhua Longxin Biotech Co.,Ltd.(Luhua Biotech for short; stock code: 838875)

Luhua Biotech owns many subsidiaries including Jining Huaneng Pharmaceutical Company, Shandong Luhua Pharmaceutical Company, and Shandong Qihuang Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and is new high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province, the “Longxin” brand of which is a famous trademark in Shandong Province. The products of the company cover many areas including heart and cerebral vessels, liver disease and gastrointestinal disease, forming industrial pattern of drugs, health food and functional food with products for treatment of heart and cerebral vessels—Qilong Capsule as the leading role integrated by cultivation, R&D, production and marketing of traditional Chinese medicine including lumbricus. Additionally, the company owns such qualifications as GMP, GSP, QS and SC. The company hung out its shingle in NEEQ in August 8, 2016, through which the company successfully got through the channel to capital market and laid sound foundation for realizing “product valuing 100 million of yuan” strategy and fully improving R&D and utilization of earthworm.


山东萄京海洋生物科技有限企业—— 中国最大、全球领先的南极磷虾油供应商


Shandong Luhua Biomarine Science and Technology Co., Ltd.—— The Largest World-top Antarctic Krill Oil Supplier in China

Complying with the new trend of market requirements of global food supplements, the company combined extractive technique of modern Chinese medicine with antarctic krill, and constructed China’s largest and world’s top 5 antarctic krill oil production base and put it into operation. As an export-oriented leading enterprise, the company embraced an international perspective, and established the quality standards abreast of world standard. Presently, the company has passed CGMP certification of National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), FSSC and ISO system certification of Switzerland, HACCP system certification of China Quality Certification Center, FDA certification of America and International Halal Certification, etc. Additionally, the company also owns the certification awarded by “Friend of the Sea” organization, which shows that the raw materials for production of antarctic krill oil are only from the Antarctic waters, and that the company is the only antarctic krill oil production enterprise that only obtains this certification.


山东康力医疗器械科技有限企业—— 做顾客最信赖的医疗器械企业


Shandong Kangli Medical Equipment Science and Technology Co., Ltd.—— Aims to Be the Most Reliable Medical Instrument Enterprise

Established in 1988, the company is a company specializing in production and operation of medical equipment. Presently, the company has owned over 1,000 kinds of standard medical equipment covering three major areas such as surgical dressing, medical polymers and nursing bed, and has passed ISO9001 and ISO13485 QMS certification and CE certification of EU, finding a good sale in over 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China as well as countries and regions in the Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the West. The company owns the factory site covering an area of 120mu (about 80,040m2), in which there are 10,000 class and 100,000 class purification production workshop of 3000. Additionally, the company is awarded as the new and hi-tech enterprise; the “Beilei” trademark is ranked as the “famous trademark of Shandong Province”; the “disposable puncture set for anesthesia” is ranked as “famous-brand product of Shandong Province”. Presently, the company is the Vice President Unit of Medical Equipment of the China Medical Pharmaceutical Material Association and Director Unit of the China Association for Medical Devices Industry, and has been awarded as “Consumers Satisfaction Model Unit of Shandong Province”, “Shandong-recognized Enterprise Technology Center”, “Shandong Star Enterprise of China's Patent” and “Credible Enterprise of Shandong Province”, etc.

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