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企业是集团目前重点培育的投资业务实施主体,是优化集团产业结构,开展资本运作,改进盈利模式,涉足前沿产业的重要载体,是完善集团在实业运营和股权投资间布局,搭建新兴业务培育平台的重要支撑。企业注册资本1亿元,由集团企业全资控股。    企业将以前瞻性的投资理念,聚焦学问、互联网+、循环生态等与人类发展需求密切相关,具有良好前景和广阔空间,颇受市场认可和资本青睐的新兴产业,有效整合内外资源,把握投资机会,科学配置资产种类,平衡投资风险,确保各类投资安全,取得资本收益。

Shandong Quantai Investment Co., Ltd.

Shandong Quantai Investment Co., Ltd. now is the most important subject of implementation of investment operation cultivated by Luhua Group, the important carrier of optimizing industrial structure of the Group, carrying out capital operation, improving profit pattern and stepping into the cutting-edge industry, and the important support in perfecting layout between industry operation and equality investment of the Group, and in constructing emerging business cultivation platform. The company has registered capital of RMB100million in terms of wholly-owned holding by the Group.    Looking into the future, the company will, with prospective investment philosophy, focus on the emerging industry of good prospect and broad development space, which is closely related with the development demand of human beings and enjoys high degree of market recognition and is favored by capital, such as the culture, internet +, cycling ecology. Additionally, the company will effectively integrate internal and external resources, seize the investment opportunity, scientifically arrange asset classes and balance the investment risk, so as to ensure security and capital gains of all kinds of investment.

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